Mendix: Leaders In Insurance Innovation

The insurance industry has a long and storied past, but in the digital age all anyone’s interested in is tomorrow. We've put together some content that shares what Mendix thinks about writing the next chapter in the industry’s history book. This includes how to rethink your company culture and hiring practices for innovation, how to evaluate the underwriting process and make it better, how to incorporate things like AI and chatbots into your processes and products for better operational efficiency and experience, and how to simplify core system modernization. In all of this content, we dive into the things happening in insurance and around insurance now, or things that we think will be a major player in the industry very soon. These articles, webinars, videos, and reports should serve as an innovation jumpstarter or, better yet, get companies to think “let’s try something different” instead of “this is the way we’ve always done it; this is the way we’ll keep doing it.” We hope this helps people in insurance be the victor, the historian of record for their own stories. Be the disruptors, not the disrupted."